Welcome to Japan

Don’t you just love that feeling – stepping out of the airport gates, into a brand new country or city, just waiting to be explored?  I arrived in Japan yesterday, and taking advantage of a disturbed sense of time, headed early in the morning to the Tsukiji fish market. If you’re going to do anything in Tokyo, I think this has to be close to number 1: The freshest sushi (for breakfast!) that you’re ever going to find. I’m here for two months, so you will be getting lots of photos of Japan here.  I hope you like them.

xxKTTsukiji fish market



Around the World in 80 clicks


To kickstart this new little blog of mine, perhaps a way to stake my claim to be a global wanderer, is  to start you off with a selection of photos from my adventures. These pictures are mostly from within the past 5 years, but one or two may go back slightly earlier.  Despite the thousands photo files in my computer, it’s remarkably difficult to narrow down the selection to 80.  But, I can think of far more grueling challenges to set myself, so a few more will appear over the coming days.  Keep coming back to check for more updates. Countries featured in this album so far, include England, Scotland, France, Malta, Tunisia, Norway, Australia, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Belgium, Iceland, Austria and Montenegro.