In the shadow of Mt Fuji

On a clear day, Mt Fuji dominates the skyline – it has so many moods. In the 6 weeks I’ve been here, I’ve seen it change from snow-covered peak to a dark green looming presence. Many Japanese make it their hobby to photograph Mt Fuji, taking pictures over days and years, because it’s never the same from one day to the next.  Some have even set up permanent tripods at some of the more popular lookout points. We had the privilege to spend a small amount of time on the mountain itself, driving up to the 5th station.  In one direction, it’s all volcanic rock with a stark outlook, but if you go to the other side you’ll find yourself in thick forest before emerging to an entirely different view. Fjui and watermillFuji 5th stationJapanese drummers

Home from Home is currently a short walk from Lake Yamanaka. The other evening, we went for a walk at sunset – I wanted to find the ‘golden hour’. Not only did we have a glorious sunset, but it was so peaceful down by the lakeside- a gentle breeze and the company of a couple of swans – it was the kind of evening that you don’t take for granted; one of those precious moments of peace that elude us all too often.

Yamanakako pier sunset